Our Members

Claire Kemp

Human Resources


Traveller Support


Claire has previously worked in Marketing, taking responsibility for running teams and managing large scale projects. She has had extensive experience with HR and Finance within this role. In her current role within the Local Authority, she ensures access to Education for a vulnerable group; acts as a lead professional for safeguarding; and works in collaboration with the Police, Social Care, Schools and other professionals across the County . Claire has been a Governor for Eleven years and has developed a wide range of expertise in governance in this period. She has been the Chair of Governors at Camps Hill for five years.

James Roach

School Improvement




James has extensive experience in education, working in Watford schools since 2001. His previous roles include two primary headships in Hertfordshire where he demonstrated a track record of rapid school improvement. He led the academisation of Laurance Haines in November 2016 and set up the Inclusive Multi Academy Trust, which includes a further two schools – Beechfield  and Cherry Tree.  James is a keen advocate for disadvantaged children and established the Trust in order to ensure children in the most disadvantaged areas of Watford are given the same life chances as their peers throughout Hertfordshire. James’ passion for curriculum development with a family centred, nurturing approach to learning is central to the Trust ethos. James currently works as a Hertfordshire Improvement Partner where he is part of a team monitoring and supporting primary schools across Hertfordshire.

Reza Shamtally Business




Reza is the Managing Director of Strada Care Ltd - a Social Care Provider based in Surrey specialising in Supported Living of Vulnerable Adults including people with Learning Disabilities, Autism, and Mental Health Conditions. He is also director at the property arm of this business with Havenmore Housing which provides housing in the community for this client group, with various properties in Surrey and Sutton. He is working with initiatives within the sector to innovate the sector and improve the wellbeing and prospects for this client group and also build greater recognition of the important role of care and support staff in the sector. He is also collaborating with local colleges to provide opportunities for learning and employment for Health and Social Care students, and also expanding on the existing horticulture course being delivered at one of the sites to include new courses in the future. Reza has a background in social care and also design and marketing to various SMEs in various sectors and a good knowledge of IT solutions for SMEs. As a parent, Reza is keen to give back to the community and use his business knowledge to improve outcomes for all children. There is also common ground between the worlds of social care and education, and he hopes to share knowledge and ideas accordingly.

Tim Day School Improvement




Tim served as a teacher for 40 years in Hertfordshire, spending 20 of those years in headship. In that time, he led three schools out of ‘school causing concern’ status to good or better Ofsted judgements, including opening a new school from the amalgamation of two schools that were judged inadequate. He has considerable financial expertise through his experience as a school leader.

Zoe Hussain School Improvement